Artist Statement

My art is a visual expression of the intersection between my dreams & my physical experiences.  The culmination of over 25 years of fine art focus in drawing and ceramics has now transitioned into painting.  My fascination with the connection between nature, the human form, and the urban environment continues through my work.  My eye is drawn to the line where light & shadow meet.  Through the play of light & shadow I create compositions that explore balance, color, and positive & negative space.  I've adopted my birthday, 0117, as my "tag" or signature for my paintings.  This is a tribute to the many street artists that have inspired me & led to my current exploration of stencils & spray paint. Drawing & making stencils evoled out of drawings/doodles that I started doing as a teen. My art work is basically a vehicle for doodles that play with positive & negative space. I tend to work in series & I usually theme my color choices to empahsize my subject matter. Example: I'm currently doing a cowboy series & using sunset & earth tones with bright contrasting accents to create movement & tension. I like the color composition to be a dynamic chaotic contrast to the weight & percision of the stencils. The stencils inhabit a colorful chaotic world that is a metaphor for my own life experiece. This series is about trying to bridge our current right/left cultural divide by using "western" images with modern painting techniques, i.e. spray paint & stencils.